We work with the leading brands to help them plan a future.

Harald Lopka – Concept,
MONOBLOC – Design,
Tobias Kusch – SEO

can build on identified trends to describe future market scenarios and how our clients could fit within them.


Communication at its best.

LA Upper East Side

Our client list includes Danone International, GFN AG, Premium Star Restaurants and Foodblogs.

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Harald Lopka
Consulting | Unternehmensberatung

Anne-Frank-Straße 10
68623 Lampertheim | Germany

We create experiences that inspire staff, partners and clients.

Our team can also leverage future trends to define agendas and provide inspirational content for workshops and corporate meetings.

We deliver thought leadership for brand strategies.

Lopka | Communication produce thought leadership for companies that wish to connect their brands to themes
of creativity and innovation. We can create content strategies by leveraging
our understanding of future trends and work.

Je digitaler die Welt wird, desto wichtiger werden Marken.

Harald Lopka | Communication bringt Ihre Marke auf den Weg zu Ihren Kunden. Schafft leicht Beziehungen. Auch zu Ihnen?

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